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Tyson Fury has announced that he intends to return to professional boxing and has enlisted the help of British featherweight boxer Isaac Lowe. In a video posted to Twitter, Fury stated that he has decided to come back to boxing in order to fight Derek Chisora ​​with Lowe as his new head coach.

During the video, he said: “Well Andy, I’ve decided to come back to boxing because I can be the first heavyweight champion in history to have two trilogies, one with Deontay Wilder and a second one with Derek Chisora.

“I always said I’d fight Derek Chisora ​​at the end of my career and here we are breaking all records again, setting precedents and why I’ve chosen Isaac Lowe as my trainer is because when I was with Peter [Fury] Issac was there, when I was with Ben [Davison] Issac’s always been there, and when I was with SugarHill [Steward] Isaac’s always been there as well. He’s always given me information, he knows me better than anyone on the planet and we’re a great team, we’ve always been together and we’re going to finish this out together.

“We’ve always worked very well together, and here we are about to take on a massive massive massive event.”

New trainer Lowe added: “Yeah, I’m looking forward to it, it’s a new challenge for me and listen I’ve been with you all of your career and I think I can put something new together so looking forward to it and it’s a tough task but something to look forward to going forward.”

Lowe (21-2-3) is a former Commonwealth featherweight champion and has no previous coaching experience. The ‘Westgate Warrior’ is one of Fury’s training partners and has featured on many of ‘The Gypsy King’s’ undercards but now – providing the announcement is genuine – he will take on an entirely different role at the head of the Mancunian’s camps.

It is currently unclear what this means for SugarHill Steward who has been Fury’s head trainer since the second Deontay Wilder fight. There has been no reaction from Steward or anyone from Kronk Gym.


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Fury’s interest in Chisora ​​started after ‘Del Boy’ predicted Dillian Whyte to knock out Fury during their April showdown at Wembley Stadium. Fury took exception to these comments and claims he is ‘no longer friends’ with Chisora. Speaking to talkSPORT, he said: “Me and Derek Chisora ​​used to be chum buddies. I went to Monaco to support him. I went to Hamburg to support him. Then, as soon as I have a fight he goes, ‘I’ll pick the other guy’. So, Derek Chisora ​​can kiss my a*** and if I see him I’m going to punch him in the face.”

He continued: “when I see you, Derek, you’ve got me to fight. Derek Chisora ​​if you’re out there and you wanna fight come and see me. I’ve busted you two times already and I’ll do it again, you little sucker.”

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